'Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America'

ADVISOR: Mrs. Straw

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America is a national Career and Technical Student Organization that provides personal growth, leadership development, and career preparation opportunities for students in Family and Consumer Sciences education. FCCLA is the Ultimate Leadership Experience. We will be holding community events and fundraisers this year. We will also be competing in STAR Events in February. Looking forward to a productive year with leadership opportunities for everyone. I have three officers attending the Fall Leadership Conference to develop leadership skills and guide our chapter in the ultimate leadership experience.


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Group Photo of the 19-20 Osceola Chapter Officers


Osceola FCCLA would like to congratulate three of our chapter officers on becoming Regional Officers!! Katelyn Gray is the new Regional Vice-President, Jessi Minor is the new Regional Reporter and Sydney Wheeler is the new Regional Historian. Today Kaylee Pipes and Lolly Sheldon gave away their Regional Officer positions as President and Historian

Group photo of the Regional FCCLA Officers

FCCLA showing appreciation to our veterans by giving them hand decorated mugs to thank them for their service.

Group Photo of the FCCLA Members with Mugs

Group photo of the FCCLA Members with Mugs

This year FCCLA is competing in the Safe Rides Save Lives competition. We partnered with our local police department and EMS to create a 25 second video on the choices of safe driving on Prom night. Please click on the link below to view our video.

Osceola FCCLA Safe Rides Save Lives 


Career Connections 2019-2020

Students researched careers in the fashion and textiles industry. They then learned about various types of yarn and fabric. Finally the students learned how to knit their own stocking hat. They also learned how to hand sew as well as how to use a sewing machine. Each student knitted their own hat or headband and sewed their own pair of pj pants.

Photo of Student Working with Fabric

Photo of Student Working with Yarn

Photo of Student Working with Fabric

Families First 2019-2020

Respect others, respect yourself. The purpose of this program is to build students’ understanding of how respect—for oneself and for others—is part of the foundation for healthy behaviors and healthy relationships. These skills will serve them in all relationships, and in particular could help prevent emotional or physical abuse from happening in their relationships. Additionally, having strong communication skills will help students to navigate difficult situations, such as peer pressure or family conflicts. Through communication that family members are able to resolve the unavoidable problems that arise in all families.

Photo of Students Writing in the Classroom

Financial Fitness  2019-2020

Students are participating in the Stock Market Game (SMG), students work together to create and manage a virtual investment portfolio of real world stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Each team is responsible for

researching and evaluating potential investments. Team members must also effectively come together on cooperative decisions on whether to buy, sell, or hold the stocks, funds, and bonds in the portfolio they have created.

Photo of Students Participating in Stock Market Game

Photo of Students Participating in Stock Market Game

Community Service 2019-2020

Our local shelter is over run with puppies, kittens, dogs, cats, and even a pig. Each of these animals has either been abandoned, surrendered, or dumped around our rural area. We had seen posts about the shelter being full so we visited the animals there. Upon talking to the representative in charge, we decided to do a adoption booth. There was a lot of things we had to find, like a canopy, pins, water bins, and all the flyers too. The results were great and lots of animals found their forever homes Our shelter is out of the way and does not get any foot traffic. We knew they needed help, so we decided to step in and lend a hand.  We held an adoption booth at Rodeo Days and adopted out 4 dogs 10 kittens! 

FCCLA Students Participating in Community Service FCCLA Students Participating in Community ServicePhoto of FCCLA Students Doing Community ServicePhoto of FCCLA Students Doing Community Service Photo of FCCLA Students Doing Community Service

Student Body 2019-2020

Through social emotional learning, students learn to better understand and navigate their thoughts and feelings, set goals, work and empathize with others, build friendships, and overcome obstacles. To develop social emotional learning. The program we decided to use was based on yoga. So not only were we using our minds and emotions to develop and learn we were also using yoga to hit the five core competences of SEL.  We learned about sounding breath, ocean breath, awakening gratitude, and the tree pose!

Photo of Students Participating in Yoga

Photo of Students Participating in Yoga

FACTS 2019-2020

Students were invited to work with Kasinger Basin Regional Planing Commission to help create a walk ability project. This project is based in the need to create a safe walking trail in our town. One of our chapter members, Gwen Gilliam,  attended a conference on the basis of this program and brought back information to get us started. We worked with our highway dept to mark off rectangles on the desired road and path then our chapter painted murals based on our town history and school to help guide walkers on a safer path through our town. This project also helps drivers to slow down and notice pedestrians around them. This is an ongoing project that our chapter will continue to work on for the next year. 

Photo of a Sidewalk Painting by FCCLA

Photo of Students Painting the Sidewalk

STOP the Violence 2019-2020

Our concern is that people are not aware of what postpartum depression is. Our next concern is that people do not understand the effect postpartum depression can have on the mother, the child and the child’s development. Our goal is to inform and educate our peers about  postpartum depression and the effects it has on a child’s development. We prepared a presentation to give to the Junior High School Health, Parenting, and High School Health classes. Then, we made a Kahoot so that we could record and evaluate how effective our information would be. We also created a bulletin board outside our classroom with postpartum depression information.

Students Learning about Postpartum Depression

Students Learning about Postpartum Depression

FCCLA Regional STAR Event Results 2018

 FCCLA  Regional STAR events were on January 31st at UCM. Our chapter took 28 competitors and 21 of them  will be competing at State Leadership Conference March 11-13 at Tan Tar-A resort in Osage Beach, MO. These students will be competing for one of the top two spots in the state to represent Missouri in  the National Leadership Conference in Atlanta, Georgia this summer. 

Parliamentary Procedure - STATE BOUND
Melanie Reynolds, Kaylee Pipes, Kaylee McClimans, Lolly Sheldon, Maddie Jefferis, Nemo Simmons, & Kait Coleman. 

Recycle and Redesign - STATE BOUND
Sage Crowder  -junior category
Millie Jefferis - senior category

Career Investigation - STATE BOUND
Sydney Wheeler - junior category

Entrepreneurship - STATE BOUND
Maddy Jones - senior category

Food Innovations - STATE BOUND
Lauren Arduser & Martha Hash- senior category
Mackenzie Wohlers, Lily Shelley, & Carly Conard - junior category

Job Interview - STATE BOUND
Gwen Gilliam - senior category

Sports Nutrition - STATE BOUND
Baylee Watts, Joe Guerin, & Donald White - senior category

Teach and Train - STATE BOUND
Morgan Williams - senior category

The following students received a SILVER MEDAL!

Food Innovations - Silver
Ali Frazier & Elizabeth Garlick - senior category

Illustrated Talk - Silver
Abbey Scott - junior category

Career Investigation - Silver
Peyton Self -  senior category
Amie Matter - senior category

Interior Design  - Silver
Angelica Heyer - senior category

Nutrition and Wellness - Silver
Mackennzee Hoeme - junior categor