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Enrollment Handbook - Explains the process of enrollment, what credits are needed to graduate, dual credit classes, and course descriptions.

H.S. Handbook - Explains the list of rules that Osceola High School has, as well as the code of conduct and what our school is all about.

Organizations- Osceola High School organizations offer students the opportunity for involvement, leadership, and fun.

Counselor's Corner - Shows what opportunities there are for students after graduating high school, scholarships, college information, and testing.


OHS Mathematics Program - Keep up-to-date with Ms. Branstetter's high school math classes: https://sites.google.com/site/msbranstetterohsmath/home

OHS Business Program - Check assignments, syllabus, and other information for Mrs. Boin's high school business classes: https://sites.google.com/a/osceola.k12.mo.us/school_testsite/



A+ Program -

Osceola High School has an approved A+ Program. Students completing 50 of tutoring are eligible for 2 years paid tuition at a community college.




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