Osceola Public Schools
Board Policy


JB Equal Educational Opportunities
JBA Sexual Harassment of Students
JBA-R Osceola Public Schools Administrative Guidelines for Sexual Harassment Policy
JCB Intradistrict Transfers
JD School Census
JE Student Attendance
JEA Compulsory Attendance Ages and Part-Time Attendance
JEB Entrance Age
JEC School Admissions
JECA Admission of Resident Students
JECB Admission of Nonresident Students
JECBB Admission of Transfer Students
JECC Assignment of Students to Grade Levels/Classes
JECF Part-Time Students
JED Student Absences and Excuses
JEDA Truancy
JEDB Student Dismissal Precautions
JEE Student Attendance Accounting
JFA Student Due Process Rights
JFAA Student Discipline Hearings
JFCA Student Dress Code
JFCB Care of School Property By Students
JFCC Student Conduct on School Transportation
JFCE Secret Organizations
JFCF Bullying
JFCG Hazing
JFCH Student Alcohol/Drug Abuse
JFCJ Weapons in School
JFD Students of Legal Age
JFE Pregnant and/or Married Students
JFG Interrogations, Interviews and Searches
JFH Student Complaints and Grievances
JG Student Discipline
JG-R Student Discipline
JG-R1 Student Discipline
JG- 1 Discipline of Disabled Students
JGA Corporal Punishment
JGB Detention and/or In-School Suspension of Students
JGD Student Suspension and Expulsion
JGE Discipline of Students with Disabilities
JGF Discipline Reporting and Records
JGGA Seclusion, Isolation and Restraint
JHA Student Insurance
JHC Student Health Services and Requirements
JHCB Inoculations of Students (R)
JHCC Communicable Diseases – Student (R)
JHCCA Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
JHCCB Head Lice
JHCD Administration of Medications to Students
JHCF Student Allergy Prevention and Response
JHD Student Guidance and Counseling
JHDA Surveying, Analyzing or Evaluating Students
JHG Reporting and Investigating Child Abuse/Neglect
JK Employment of Students
JO Student Records (AF 1, AP, R)
JP Osceola Junior High School Retention Policy
JQ Osceola Elementary School Retention Policy


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