Osceola Public Schools
Board Policy


GBA Equal Opportunity Employment
GBAA Sexual Harassment of Employees
GBAA-R Administrative Guidelines for Sexual Harassment Policy
GBCA Staff Conflict of Interest
GBCB Staff Conduct
GBCBC Staff Absences and Tardiness
GBE Staff Health and Safety
GBEA Worker's Compensation
GBEBA Drug-Free Workplace
GBEBB Employee Alcohol and Drug Testing
GBEBC Criminal Background Checks
GBEC Communicable Diseases – Employee
GBG Staff Participation in Political Activities
GBH Staff/Student Relations
GBHH Electronic Communication at Osceola School District
GBL Personnel Records
GBLA Immigration Records
GBLB References
GBM Staff Complaints and Grievances
GCA Professional Staff Positions
GCB Professional Staff Contracts and Compensation Plans
GCBA Professional Staff Salary Schedules
GCBC Professional Staff Fringe Benefits
GCBCA Health Insurance Benefits
GCBDA Professional Staff Short-Term Leaves and Absences
GCBDAA Teachers and Support Staff Unused Sick Leave Days
GCBDAAB School Hours for Teachers
GCBDAB Osceola Public Schools Sick Leave Pool
GCBDB Professional Staff Long-Term Leaves and Absences
GCD Professional Staff Recruiting and Hiring
GCE Part-Time and Substitute Professional Staff Employment
GCG Professional Staff Probation and Tenure
GCI Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers
GCKA Professional Staff Extra Duty
GCL Professional Staff Development Opportunities
GCLA Professional Development Programs
GCN Evaluation of Professional Staff
GCP Professional Staff Termination of Employment
GCPA_GCPA-AP Reduction in Professional Staff Work Force
GCPB Resignation of Professional Staff Members
GCPC Retirement of Professional Staff Members
GCPD Suspension of Professional Staff Members
GCPE Termination of Professional Staff Members
GCPF Renewal of Professional Staff Members
GDA Support Staff Positions
GDBB Nonexempt Employee Supplementary Pay Plans
GDBC Support Staff Fringe Benefits
GDBCB Vacations
GDBDA Support Staff Leaves and Absences
GDC Support Staff Recruiting and Hiring
GDI Support Staff Assignments and Transfers
GDL Support Staff Development Opportunities
GDN Evaluation of Support Staff
GDPB Resignation of Support Staff Members
GDPC Retirement of Support Staff Members
GDPD Nonrenewal, Suspension and Termination of Support Staff Members


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