Osceola Public Schools
Board Policy


EB Safety Program
EBA Building and Grounds Inspections
EBAB_EBAC Hazardous Materials/Asbestos Control
EBBA Illness and Injury Response and Prevention
EBBB Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Orders
EBBC Accident Prevention and Eye Protection
EBBD/EBBE Fire Safety Procedures
EBC Emergency Plans/Safety Drills
EBCA Crisis Intervention Plan
EBC-AP1 Emergency Plans/Safety Drills
EBCC-AP Bomb Threats
EBCD Emergency Closings
ECA Building and Grounds Security
ECAB Vandalism
ECD Traffic and Parking Controls
EEA Student Transportation Services
EEAB School Bus Scheduling and Routing
EEAC School Bus Safety Program
EEACA Bus Driver Examination and Training
EEAD Special Use of School Buses
EEAA Walkers and Riders
EEAE Student Transportation in Private Vehicles/Common Carriers
EEAG Student Transportation Records and Reports
EF Food Services Management
EFB Free and Reduced-Cost Food Services
EGAAA Reproduction of Copyrighted Materials
EHA Computer/Data Security
EHB Technology Usage
EHB-R Technology Usage - Technology Safety
EHB-AF Technology Usage Agreement
EI Insurance Management
EIA Property and Liability Insurance


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